An emotional day…

…for Miss. Menzies.

Reception spent the morning with their new class teacher Miss. Wheeler today.
They had a great time and i’m sure they will tell you all about it.

Reception children you have made me very proud, I have had lovely feedback from your new classroom adults already (especially about how good your writing is!)


The results are in!

…but they are all different!

Today we took a survey of our friends asking them “What is your favourite jungle animal?” We collected our data in a tally chart and then presented our findings from the survey in a block graph. We noticed that everyone’s graphs looked different, but soon realised it is because we all asked different people!

We practiced reading our block graphs by telling each other what our graph showed for example which animal was the most or least popular and how we knew.


Summer Fair.

Many thanks to those of you who came and supported us at our annual Summer Fair. Lots of fun was had and the sun managed to keep on shining! Many thanks to the PTA for organising, those of you who kindly donated your time helping/running stalls and of course local businesses for their generous donations.20140703-182008-66008624.jpg

Counting in 2s!

This week Reception class have been learning how to count in 2s!

We astounded Miss. Menzies with how quickly we picked it up.

We have been counting in 2s everywhere and anywhere. We played a fun game with a partner where they removed a number from our counting in 2s number line and we had to figure out what was missing. If we got it right we got a piece of treasure.. We were rich by the end of the game!


Sports Day!

The sun was shining and Reception Class were able to take part in their very first Sports Day!

The whole school results are as follows…
1st – Red Team
2nd – Blue Team
3rd – Yellow Team
4th – Green Team

A huge well done to Reception who were beautifully behaved as usual. Not forgetting a well done to those younger children and parents/carers who joined in the racing fun.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us, I think the ‘Wet Sponge’ race was an allround favourite for Reception children.

We did not have the chance to get many photos but here are the ones we managed to take in a couple of slideshows…

And of course a huge well done to the winner of our Dad’s race…Ashyla’s Dad!

Dad Winner


We have continued our Rumble in the Jungle artwork by adding to our colour wash from last week..

After many suggestions and a look at some information books we decided the next thing we would like to add to our junglescape was…Reeds, trees, bushes and all things green!

After discussing the characteristics of jungle foliage we decided…
– it is all different types of colour green and sometimes browns too!
– it is wiggly and wavy

We have used tissue paper to represent the jungle foliage. We think our artwork is beginning to look great!